Running a business takes time, commitment & knowledge.

You don't have to know all the answers, but know where to find them.

Our business consulting is here to help your business thrive. After all, that is the meaning of our name! Thrive, succeed, prosper, arise…

 Let Provenio Help You

Business continuity planning

Do you know how you would recover from a disaster without losing your business? For example, if a tornado carried your building and tools away tomorrow, how would you continue to provide products to clients? Who would rebuild? How would you acquire machinery? We will help you build a solid plan to respond to disasters like fire, tornadoes, flooding, recessions, pandemics, and more. Contact us today!

Business strategy

Business climate is always changing. Recessions come and go. Fads change. New laws and international events affect how you might operate. We will help you not only get through, but thrive, in changing climates! Talk to us about our business consulting to see how we can help your business succeed in changing times.

Business planning

Small businesses need a solid business plan. WIthour business consulting, we will make sure yours addresses your needs, and the needs of your lenders, marketers, operations, and others so you know which direction to steer the ship!


It is critical for small business to be connected to resources! Whether it is for finding clients, funding, hiring, or information, we will guide you to some of the best resources in our region! Get the tools you need to grow and thrive.


It’s important to realize that every dollar you waste and every unnecessary step you take is a step away from your objectives. That’s why we’ll help you find the inefficiencies in your business so you can hone in on your mission with laser focus. Whether that means reducing energy consumption, minimizing raw materials, or making efficient use of time through systems and tools, Provenio will help you find ways to sharpen your bottom line.