Customized safety programs

Designed specifically for you to address the real hazards, conditions, and processes at your business.

Write & review OHS policies, procedures, and documentation that actually improve efficiency & cut waste.

Training that engages everyone

Training from experts, not a “check the box” script reader.

Develop trainers in your business if relevant.

Training that is hands-on, fun, and developed for adult learners, not boring classrom lectures that nobody retains.

PPE & safety supplies vendor management

We help cut costs, find ther right PPE and supplies, and get more from vendor relationships.

Work with your providers for the best outcomes

We work with your insurer to cut costs and improve insurability, attorney to reduce business risks, and other professionals you work with for your desired outcomes.

Integrate safety into your business

Develop supervisors, make processes more efficient, case management (getting injured employees back to work with a full recovery and minimal business impact), reduce or eliminate injuries, collaborate with HR for improved employee recruitment & retention, develop procedures on the job, and reduce overall risk.

As our Fractional Safety Management provider, they help us manage our business by keeping costs consistent, training in time blocks that work best for us, always being available to answer questions, and keeping our safety efforts manageable.

Matt Breuer

Owner, Palleton Pallets

Fractional Safety Management for Businesses

As a business leader, you need the bandwidth to do what you’re great at: running your business!

Safety management is not just OSHA compliance. A solid safety program will help you recruit & retain quality employees, lower & manage costs, attain better clients, improve productivity & efficiency, guide the expectations & actions of management, supervisors, employees, & contractors, and protect your business & brand.

Provenio’s Fractional Safety Management program is designed to help you achieve your business goals, not just check compliance boxes. We protect your business by protecting your workers!

Provenio provides you with the safety manager you can’t afford to be without. We meet you where you are on your business journey, without judgement. Whether you need help lowering your mod factor & insurance costs, putting safety programs in place, or building a business and culture that is easy to manage, Provenio has the solutions for you!

What makes Provenio Consulting different from the other safety companies?

Our team and our vision! We have built a network of safety professionals both inside Provenio and within our network to provide everything you need! We bring real subject matter experts to the table. Confined space and hazmat plans and training are done by professionals with firefighting backgrounds. Drug & alcohol impairment recognition and active shooter & workplace violence prevention & response plans are performed by leaders in law enforcement. Commercial vehicle training and consulting services are provided by a Commercial Vehicle Inspector (CVI) who sees firsthand what causes accidents and where companies get in trouble cutting corners.

We bring training & expertise like this to you! Brad Kramer started Provenio following a career in manufacturing operations, firefighting, and safety management. As a CNC Machinist, Industrial Maintenance Tech, Carpenter, and other blue color roles, he did the technical jobs. Holding safety management roles in Fortune 500 companies as well as family-owned businesses, he learned the systems that make businesses successful. As a firefighter, he had the opportunity to attend some of the best technical training available and practiced lifesaving skills. Provenio’s systems incorporate business, emergency response, technical operations, and effective solutions that will not fail.

Who needs Fractional Safety Management?

  • Businesses that are typically in the 20-150 employee range: Big enough that you need a comprehensive safety program, but not big enough to budget for a dedicated safety manager.
  • A business that wants to develop a safety program then get support to develop an internal employee or hire a safety manager, with Provenio providing all the support they need.
  • Large businesses that struggle to hire a safety manager or have a disorganized safety department that needs to be organized, effective, and fully developed, or will have their safety manager on an extended leave of absence.

What does our Fractional Safety Management include?

  • Each contract is custom, based on your needs, your business, your risk. We don’t try to fit you into a box but offer you the services & commitment that benefits you.
  • Manage your cashflow through monthly or quarterly invoices rather than trying to plan around the larger trainings & services.
  • Incorporate training into smaller segments throughout the year based on your business cycles and what works for you, such as more training during your slow season and short monthly training rather than full-day annual training.
  • Real training, not videos and modules that check boxes.
  • We assess your risks and understand your processes and will develop your safety programs based on your conditions.
  • We don’t just visit you and give you checklists to complete. We spend time in your business fulfilling the role of a manager and implementing improvements, not just telling you what you should do. Our job is taking things off your plate, not putting more on it!

We have been working with Brad at Provenio for the past several years to develop our safety program. As our Fractional Safety Management provider, they help us manage our business by keeping costs consistent, training in time blocks that work best for us, always being available to answer questions, and keeping our safety efforts manageable. Beyond simply being a safety resource, Brad has introduced us to a leadership coach who helps us develop our supervisors and employees, HR consultants who improved our HR compliance and employee satisfaction, and helped identify how our air supply system was wasting energy & money, while guiding us to resources for rebates for more efficient compressor equipment, finding & fixing leaks, and dialing in the system for optimal performance & efficiency. This has led to a more profitable business, much better employee retention & hiring outcomes, and improved productivity.

Matt Breuer

Owner, Palleton Pallets