Refresh Your Team's Hazmat Training


Hazmat Response Training for Businesses

HAZWOPER stands for hazardous waste operations and emergency response. The main topics include hazardous waste & chemical properties, emergency response & rescue, incident command, and other skills required for hazardous waste cleanup and emergency response. Refresher training is minimally 8-hours annually, and we recommend our clients do shorter refreshers more often, such as bi-yearly or quarterly for 2-4 hours. HAZWOPER is defined in OSHA’s 1910.120 standard. HAZWOPER is required to be hands-on and intensive training to prepare responders for hazardous situations.


HAZWOPER for Hazardous Waste Sites

This required 40-hour course focuses on hazardous waste sites for any worker who will be exposed to hazards, have a role in the cleanup, or will be wearing PPE. Our in-depth training covers the unique protection equipment your team will need.

HAZWOPER for Emergency Response Teams

This required 24-hour course is specialized for emergency response teams. There are a lot of hazards emergency responders can face, but your team will be prepared.

HAZWOPER Awareness

This 8-hour course is focused on hazard recognition and understanding the response plans for workers that don’t need specific training. While it’s not a requirement, it presents an opportunity for your employees to engage in safety practices, such as employees who do not have an emergency response role but should know about the hazards.

What businesses are required by OSHA to have HAZWOPER training?

Did you know that most fire departments in the U.S. do not respond to hazmat incidents, beyond securing the scene, treating victims, and calling in the nearest hazmat team? Your business may be over an hour from the nearest hazmat team, depending on your location. If your emergency response plan relies on a fire department to respond and conduct a rescue and shut down the leak, the amount of chemicals lost, and the cost of cleanup required could bankrupt your business.

Examples of businesses that may be required to have HAZWOPER training includes:

  • Food processing or refrigerated warehouse businesses with anhydrous ammonia refrigeration
  • Chemical processing and manufacturing
  • Towing companies whose workers may come in contact with chemicals from vehicle accidents, including commercial cargo or drug & mobile meth lab impoundments
  • Waste handling companies who handle unknown or hazardous wastes
  • Manufacturing facilities with hazardous chemicals in bulk or smaller quantities of highly hazardous chemicals

View the video of a HAZWOPER drill to the right or gamification posted on our Facebook page.

Course content

icons8 chemical 100
Chemical properties and hazard recognition
icons8 create document 100
icons8 rubber gloves 100
icons8 respirator 100
Respiratory protection
icons8 command 100
Incident command
icons8 tactics 100
Incident response tactics
icons8 health checkup 100
Medical surveillance
icons8 contamination 100 1
icons8 protect 100
Other safety topics

Course Specifics

  • Maximum Class Size is 12 unless discussed otherwise
  • Trained by professionals that have extensive hazmat experience
  • Hands-on training and drills, including using gamification to build experience and familiarity
  • Certificate of completion is given after the course is over and lasts for one year for any industry
  • Prices discussed in a discovery meeting

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