Referral Incentive

Every day, approximately 6,000 workers are killed globally.

We aim to make that closer and closer to zero. So, we are offering an incentive to ask you to introduce Provenio Consulting to organizations that need quality safety training and consulting. If they accept, you’ll get that 6% of the deal.

It’s up to you if you want*:
  1. Cash
  2. A donation sent to one of the organizations listed below.**
  3. Free first aid or CPR training to an organization of your choice within 60 miles of Albert Lea.***

For example, if you refer us to a client who books an OSHA 30-Hour class, you will get $375 for yourself or a charity of your choice!

We are looking for warm introductions to Plant/General, HR, EHS, or Operations Managers in manufacturing, construction, and other heavy industrial companies in the upper Midwest who need safety training and consulting services.

*Incentive paid when client pays the invoice in full. Incentive calculated as 6% of the gross invoice.

**Provenio will donate 6% of the deal to the charitable organization of your choice: Flanders Field, Healing Haiti, Farm Aid,Gary Sinise Foundation, Team Rubicon, Invisible Wounds Project.

***First aid or CPR training depending on the availability of instructors and follows the American Heart Association curriculum.6% of the deal must exceed $600 for first aid or CPR training.

Simply give Provenio a warm introduction to [email protected] by email or use the QR code for them to book a Zoom calland follow-up with an email introducing yourself.