Helping Businesses Assess Their Safety Programs

An effective safety program should be more than policies and procedures that keep you compliant. It should be an integral part of your culture that drives efficiency, profitability, bridges the gap between your people and your processes, provides consistency and known expectations, and manages risks.

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Lost with your safety program?

If you do not know where to start with a safety program and feel lost, this assessment is a great place to start! We designed it for companies who might be:

  • In growth mode and taking on additional employees and risks, and do not yet know their safety needs
  • Have lost their in-house safety professional and need a roadmap on how to move forward with their safety program
  • You have grown uncomfortable not knowing for sure what your safety & compliance risks are and are ready for professional guidance and peace of mind
  • You have recently acquired or plan to acquire a business and need a professional assessment to develop your strategy
  • Planning to sell a business and want to identify risks that may scare away buyers and depreciate the value
  • Have a safety program in place and want a professional assessment

Our Three-Step Process

1. Complete a questionnaire about your organization and safety program and provide us with several documents that help us understand your safety program.

2. Conduct a 1-hour Zoom interview with your facility’s safety representative.

3. We provide you a report that focuses on these six core areas of your safety department:

Company Culture
Risk Management

The report will include areas of strength and weakness in each area and make recommendations for improvements and best practices. This will help you and your organization build a safety program that cuts costs while accomplishing more, engaging employees, reducing company risk, improving productivity, and of course, reduces or eliminates injuries!