How many reasons do you need to work with Provenio?

  • Let us help you keep your team safer and prevent life-altering and expensive accidents with hands-on safety training.
  • Reduce your risk from costly OSHA citations.
  • Build or improve your reputation in the community and with your customers as a safe and responsible employer.
  • Peace of mind that you’re doing things right.
  • We can often find ways to keep your employees safer while cutting costs in the process.

Operating a business with a focus on safety is essential! Provenio’s safety training can help you make sure your employees and contractors have a safe environment to work in and know how to do the job right. If safety concerns keeps you up at night, then we’re your solution! Let us: 

  • help you engineer your solutions to a safe environment to give your employees a safe workplace.
  • train your management and employee teams in an effective and engaging manner so they know how to do the job right and not just check the box that you did your annual training.
  • audit your workplace to make recommendations on how to improve safety and give you the tools you need so those action items easy to implement.

What Safety Trainings We Can Help You With

HAZWOPER training (8, 24, 32, and 40-hour courses)

Confined space training, including train-the-trainer

Audit of facility and/or safety programs

DOT HazMat transport training

Standard safety policy development/training

Traffic Incident Management System for tow recovery and first responders

OSHA 10 and 30-Hour General Industry

Drug and alcohol impairment recognition training for supervisors (approximately 2-hour training)

Forklift Train-the-Trainer course

Job hazard analysis (JHA)

Lockout/tagout procedures

Active shooter/workplace violence prevention and response

DOT compliance (driver qualification files, load securement and vehicle inspection training, policy development)


Safety Training…simplified and engaging

We are experts in our respective topics. Provenio does not rely on videos, PowerPoints, or checklists for training and compliance (unless we are following a required curriculum, such as for American Heart Association certified training). That is, while short videos may be shown and PowerPoints may be used, we rely on our trainer’s ability to keep your training engaging and realistic, with lots of hands-on training and discussion with participants.

Customized solutions to fit your needs

Provenio can provide customized safety solutions to meet your needs. We have expertise in building integrated documents to fit your needs. 

When we build safety policies, we provide one year of support for free if regulatory changes are made or you want it modified. Our policies are provided in both Word and PDF format, so you are able to make changes in the future. Most consulting firms only provide PDF so you are locked into their services and cannot edit the documents. You paid for your programs, so we believe YOU own them!

Audits for business sales

We help owners and investors who are buying or selling a business by performing a compliance audit. In detail, that will determine your safety and compliance risks, what may devalue a business in a sale, provide topics for negotiation, and how to mitigate risks.

Safety-role development

If you have your own safety professional that has recently been promoted or taken on a new role, Provenio can provide guidance! Especially if they are overwhelmed, don’t know what training and development options are right for their role, could use coaching, and/or want an assessment of your facility so they know where they need to focus, we are there to help. Contact us today!