OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Classes

Combining Safety And Leadership

OSHA requires safety training for many industries. Many training consulting companies just give out the do’s and don’t’s of safety, which is boring! Hands-on training gives teams a great way to learn and remember the specifics of safety. Between training leaders to training students, there is something to learn for everyone.

Who should have OSHA 10-Hour?

A 10-hour class is designed to be an introduction to recognizing hazards. Examples include workers who work from heights, with chemicals, around machinery, and other hazards so they learn how to stay safe. It’s perfect for safety committee members, workers who are new to the workforce or a hazardous industry, or a business that wants to add depth to its safety culture.

Who should have OSHA 30-Hour?

A 30-hour class goes into much more detail related to hazard recognition, covers more topics & hazard types, and what is required. This is ideal for managers who need to understand the requirements in their industry (such as operations managers, HR, and maintenance), employees with a critical safety role (developing safety professionals, emergency response team leaders, safety committee leaders, etc.), and others who need more than basic hazard recognition. OSHA 30 is a great place to start training a new safety professional, but is only the first step. 

What does OSHA 10 or 30-Hour NOT do?

OSHA Outreach classes are not allowed to replace a company’s safety procedure training. While they are a great first step to developing someone with a safety role, if you have an employee or manager who is the safety leader for your facility, they will not have the depth of knowledge to lead your business and workers.

OSHA 30-Hour Leadership

This is where safety and leadership come together. Combining leadership, real strategies, and safety, Provenio can give your employees a sense of responsbility and fun. 


There are many topics that we will cover to make sure your team is ready to roll. Would your business benefit from including leadership training in the OSHA 30-Hour? We took Provenio Consulting’s hands-on 30-Hour and built leadership into topics that can include:


Influencing others when you don’t have authority
Building company culture that works safely
Build a cohesive safety committee that is effective
Improve team communications
And many more!

OSHA 10-Hour for Schools

This is for high school and college students in need of safety training for general industry and construction. Participants will complete the course with an OSHA-issued 10-hour certificate that has no expiration, is recognized by industry, and can aid in job searches and teaches them valuable skills they will use at home and on the job for the duration of their lives.

Course Curriculum

We focus on helping students understand hazards in work environments they may have never seen before and understand their responsibilities towards working safely. Students will receive a career safety starter kit in a branded duffel bag that includes PPE, an OSHA regulation book, a HAZWOPER hazmat guide, a safety resource list, and an USB with training topics and presentations.

Introduction to OSHA
Walking & Working Surfaces With Fall Protection
Emergency Action Plans
Personal Protection Equipment
Hazard Communication