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Memorable Safety Training For Your Employees

There are many challenges that you face when coordinating safety training for your employees. Between managing working conditions and following complicated regulations, there is little time to find the right consultants for training that your employees will remember. Even then, there are still more challenges that you can come across, including:

  • Un-engaging or Unmemorable training
  • High turn turnover around rates from seemingly unsafe conditions
  • Compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT, and other regulations is time consuming and expensive
  • Spending too much money on compliance and still have costly injuries and citations

Get The Solution To Your Business Needs

At Provenio, we provide customized training solutions that your employees will remember when working in the field. We have found that the right customized solutions with our highly credible consultants that use different strategies to engage your employees benefit you and everyone you employ. These benefits include: 

Find Your Safety Solution

The right safety training and consulting should never be taken lightly. Check out our reviews to see how we help other businesses find the right solution. If you like our approach, you can get started with three simple steps.

  1. Contact us to schedule a consultation
  2. Meet with us to find the best way to customize safety training or consulting services to your business
  3. Relax while we train your employees

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The Intersection of Manufacturing, Safety, and HR – A Podcast by ProjectHR Featuring Brad Kramer

Brad Kramer was a recent guest on the ProjectHR podcast, sharing his knowledge about leadership and safety in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry is filled with specific rules and regulations to keep employees safe. However, making sure everyone...

What Are Worker’s Safety Rights?

Do you know your rights as an employee? Do you know how to exercise those rights? Does your spouse or child have a job that you feel puts them in unnecessary danger? Many employers continue to put their workers unnecessarily in danger’s way. So, it is to those workers that this article is written for.

All jobs carry a certain amount of risk, and I’m good with that. Taking risks is how we learn from failure and grow, as individuals, companies, and society. During my lifetime, I grew up farming and have worked as a roofer, machinist, firefighter, and dogsled guide, among other hazardous occupations and I have great respect for people who perform jobs with higher risks. Our world needs the roughnecks who work the oil rigs where one mistake can be catastrophic and the police officers who have zero idea what risk is around the next corner but face it anyway. Our society would grind to a cold halt without the people who take immense risk and manage it with intense skill and dedication.

It is the moral and legal obligation of an employer to put safeguards in place and not unnecessarily put those employees and the public at risk. Just because an industry has inherent risks does not mean the worker should show up for work at their own peril, though. It is important for you as a worker to understand that there are acceptable and unacceptable risks in the workplace, and you should not have to take unacceptable risks to pay your bills. Unacceptable risk is going to be different for an office worker, roofer, and firefighter, but in each case, there are risks and requirements.

I’m going to skip over the safety requirements that we’ve all seen, like posters and OSHA 300 logs, and jump straight to the things that are potentially the most impactful for you. There are many other requirements, but these are what I see as the most prevalent….

What the Health in “Health and Safety” Means for Business

When people think of safety, we usually think of preventing the big “accidents”…fingers in machinery, falls from ladders, fires, and explosions. Safety is not just preventing accidents, though!

Our field is called occupational health & safety (OHS) for a reason…half of our field is “health”, but rarely gets considered because “safety” is easy to track. Cuts, falls, and bruises are easy to identify, categorize, and correct. “Health” is not so easy. Workers may not realize they’ve had any negative effects from a chemical exposure until years later when they no longer even remember getting exposed. Musculoskeletal injuries may progressively worsen or linger in the background of a worker’s life without a cause being easily identified. Hearing loss may not become evident until several years into audiometric testing when the damage is done, or after an employee leaves and they never realize they had a hearing loss.

Our role in business management is protecting employees. It just makes good business sense. When employees don’t feel well, they call in sick more often and succumb to illnesses easier. If you are frustrated with the endless bouts of flu season and COVID infections, why wouldn’t you try to make your employees healthier? When we hurt our bodies through poor ergonomics, chemical exposures, and without proper hearing protection, employees go home and suffer back or shoulder pain or ignoring the ringing in their ears because “it’s just part of the job”, or they are having chronic health issues that their spouse just knows is from some chemical they work with but can’t put their finger on it. Why would you not want to fix these issues?…

Brad At The Minnesota Chief Engineers Guild (MNCEG) Annual Conference and Tradeshow

Brad recently presented at the Minnesota Chief Engineers Guild (MNCEG) Annual Conference and Tradeshow to talk about safety training and leadership. He worked with Kris Langworthy of Impact Zone Strategies to show the benefits of great leadership paired with safety...

Provenio Consulting is in the Spotlight

In a recent interview, Brad talked about Provenio Consulting and some of the programs that we provide. We are grateful to be featured, and we would like to invite you to see our feature. Check out the article on the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

Interview with KSMQ’s “On Q”

Finding Chemical Hazard Information (Video)

Let’s talk about where an SDS, NIOSH Pocket Guide, Emergency Response Guidebook, and the WISER app all have a role in finding chemical hazards. They all have their place and limitations. When you work with chemicals, it is important…

Discussion on Having Worksite First Response Teams (Video)

First aid and CPR instructor Tim Harves and I discuss OSHA’s requirements for a trained first response team, some considerations and legal requirements, equipment you should have, training, and other aspects…

Writing a Safety Policy (Video)

Do you struggle with writing safety policies? I discuss how to determine which policies you need, how to figure out what to include, keeping them brief and easy to follow, and what should and should not be in them!

Differences Between Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) and Federal OSHA (Video)

Did you know Minnesota OSHA, or MNOSHA, has additional requirements for employers that Federal OSHA does not have? Here I talk about general industry standards that are different.



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Provenio is here to work with almost any industry or first responder agency. If you’re in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, or any other industry, we’re here to support YOU!

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“It’s comforting to have someone with such knowledge in your corner.”

Mellisa T., Aspiring entrepreneur

I took Brad’s starting a business class at Albert Lea Community Ed! I highly recommend this class if you’ve ever even thought about starting a business! Very knowledgeable, got some great connections and learned a lot, great class! Just do it!

Kelli Holst

Business Owner, All About the Cupcakes

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my business, Daisy Blue Naturals, transition safely into making sanitizers. We needed to have proper grounding in place for the flammable ethyl and isopropyl alcohols, which he did for us. He went above and beyond helping me get our 300 gallon tote set up for use. We also needed SDS (safety data sheets) created for our hand sanitizers, and Brad completed those as well! He is very professional, quick, affordable and easy to work with. Not knowing what would be needed to store and use a flammable in our business could have been scary, but working with Brad eased our minds knowing that we were doing what we needed to do to be safe, legal, and covered!

Jena Thompson

Business Owner, Daisy Blue Naturals

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my company Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation by providing a Basic Life Support certification class for myself and staff. The instructor Tim H. was awesome and very knowledgeable. He had real experience as he also is a Police Officer. Brad was able to get a private class for training very fast and prompt.
I highly recommend them. Excellent professional services with meeting our needs and expectations!
Victoria McGill

Business Owner, Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation