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What the Health in “Health and Safety” Means for Business

When people think of safety, we usually think of preventing the big “accidents”…fingers in machinery, falls from ladders, fires, and explosions. Safety is not just preventing accidents, though!

Our field is called occupational health & safety (OHS) for a reason…half of our field is “health”, but rarely gets considered because “safety” is easy to track. Cuts, falls, and bruises are easy to identify, categorize, and correct. “Health” is not so easy. Workers may not realize they’ve had any negative effects from a chemical exposure until years later when they no longer even remember getting exposed. Musculoskeletal injuries may progressively worsen or linger in the background of a worker’s life without a cause being easily identified. Hearing loss may not become evident until several years into audiometric testing when the damage is done, or after an employee leaves and they never realize they had a hearing loss.

Our role in business management is protecting employees. It just makes good business sense. When employees don’t feel well, they call in sick more often and succumb to illnesses easier. If you are frustrated with the endless bouts of flu season and COVID infections, why wouldn’t you try to make your employees healthier? When we hurt our bodies through poor ergonomics, chemical exposures, and without proper hearing protection, employees go home and suffer back or shoulder pain or ignoring the ringing in their ears because “it’s just part of the job”, or they are having chronic health issues that their spouse just knows is from some chemical they work with but can’t put their finger on it. Why would you not want to fix these issues?…

Provenio Consulting is in the Spotlight

In a recent interview, Brad talked about Provenio Consulting and some of the programs that we provide. We are grateful to be featured, and we would like to invite you to see our feature. Check out the article on the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

What’s your workplace violence prevention policy?

Does your business have a workplace violence policy and train in the event that something should happen? Or better yet, train to prevent it from happening in the first place? That’s right, there are ways you can train…

Don’t confuse tags as “tagout”​ when used on locks!

While used almost interchangeably, lockout and tagout are two different things. They are both designed to ensure equipment is kept deenergized while being serviced, but they are two different tactics. And this can

Preplan Worksheet (Video)

If you would like a free and easy chemical hazard preplan assessment, Provenio makes one available free for you to use! Just enter a few numbers from the SDS and it automatically converts everything for consistency!

What’s the difference between laws, regulations, and consensus standards?

If you’re like most people with a safety role, you have been faced with the question, “where did you find that? OSHA doesn’t say it in their standard!”, followed by hours of research to try and figure…

Wearing a Mask (Video)

How to properly wear a dust or N95 mask to prevent cross-contamination or a false sense of security during a virus.

Emergency Exits

Many businesses do not manage their emergency exit signs and doors very well. I see this over and over again in facilities I visit. Historically, some of the worst catastrophes in our nation’s history…

Codes and regulations that apply to you in safety (Video)

If you are responsible for safety in your company, it is not just OSHA that you should be aware of. NFPA, ANSI, and other regulations play a role, as well.

What is the difference between hazmat awareness, operations, and technician levels for HAZWOPER?

If you have the potential for a hazmat incident in your facility, it’s important that you know the difference between awareness, operations, and technician level responses. Allowing employees to operate at a higher…

Provenio is here to work with almost any industry or first responder agency. If you’re in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, or any other industry, we’re here to support YOU!

Organizations We’ve Worked With

“It’s comforting to have someone with such knowledge in your corner.”

Mellisa T., Aspiring entrepreneur

We have been working with Brad at Provenio for the past several years to develop our safety program. As our Fractional Safety Management provider, they help us manage our business by keeping costs consistent, training in time blocks that work best for us, always being available to answer questions, and keeping our safety efforts manageable. Beyond simply being a safety resource, Brad has introduced us to a leadership coach who helps us develop our supervisors and employees, HR consultants who improved our HR compliance and employee satisfaction, and helped identify how our air supply system was wasting energy & money, while guiding us to resources for rebates for more efficient compressor equipment, finding & fixing leaks, and dialing in the system for optimal performance & efficiency. This has led to a more profitable business, much better employee retention & hiring outcomes, and improved productivity.

Matt Breuer

Business Owner, Palleton Pallets

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my business, Daisy Blue Naturals, transition safely into making sanitizers. We needed to have proper grounding in place for the flammable ethyl and isopropyl alcohols, which he did for us. He went above and beyond helping me get our 300 gallon tote set up for use. We also needed SDS (safety data sheets) created for our hand sanitizers, and Brad completed those as well! He is very professional, quick, affordable and easy to work with. Not knowing what would be needed to store and use a flammable in our business could have been scary, but working with Brad eased our minds knowing that we were doing what we needed to do to be safe, legal, and covered!

Jena Thompson

Business Owner, Daisy Blue Naturals

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my company Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation by providing a Basic Life Support certification class for myself and staff. The instructor Tim H. was awesome and very knowledgeable. He had real experience as he also is a Police Officer. Brad was able to get a private class for training very fast and prompt.
I highly recommend them. Excellent professional services with meeting our needs and expectations!
Victoria McGill

Business Owner, Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation

I had an idea for a business, a business I truly think can add value to other small businesses, but the thought of sitting down and organizing my thoughts into a usable business plan was daunting. I didn’t know where to start or what the proper verbiage was. I felt stuck. My thoughts were essentially frozen. You ever remember in school when you had a big project due but just starting it felt impossible? Well that’s me and business plan writing … and I am a writer by trade. Brad sat down and built me a business plan from scratch after quietly listening to my business idea. He’s a truly gifted listener and talented writer who helped me to overcome that scary yet necessary first step in launching a business.

I highly recommend them. Excellent professional services with meeting our needs and expectations!
Riley Worth

Teacher & Business Owner, Flyleaf Inspired