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Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • I struggle to develop and conduct training.
  • We do safety training, but nobody remembers what they learn.
  • My business needs to increase profits.
  • We struggle to retain and recruit quality employees.
  • Compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT, and other regulations is time consuming and expensive.
  • We spend too much money on compliance and still have costly injuries and citations.

We are your solution! 

Our trainers and consultants are experienced to bring you the best practices, at a solid price, and make your business compliance and improvements easy, freeing your management team up to run your business!  

  • Our training is engaging and we provide you simple documentation.
  • We give you concise and easy to use policies and procedures.
  • Our professionals know the regulations and will show you the most effective compliance solutions that are often less expensive.
  • The tools we give you will reduce injuries, leading to better morale, lower insurance, improved productivity, and less risk of fines.



Policy Development


Safety / OSHA


Provenio is here to work with almost any industry or first responder agency. If you’re in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, or any other industry, we’re here to support YOU!

Organizations We’ve Worked With

“It’s comforting to have someone with such knowledge in your corner.”

Mellisa T., Aspiring entrepreneur

I took Brad’s starting a business class at Albert Lea Community Ed! I highly recommend this class if you’ve ever even thought about starting a business! Very knowledgeable, got some great connections and learned a lot, great class! Just do it!

Kelli Holst

Business Owner, All About the Cupcakes

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my business, Daisy Blue Naturals, transition safely into making sanitizers. We needed to have proper grounding in place for the flammable ethyl and isopropyl alcohols, which he did for us. He went above and beyond helping me get our 300 gallon tote set up for use. We also needed SDS (safety data sheets) created for our hand sanitizers, and Brad completed those as well! He is very professional, quick, affordable and easy to work with. Not knowing what would be needed to store and use a flammable in our business could have been scary, but working with Brad eased our minds knowing that we were doing what we needed to do to be safe, legal, and covered!

Jena Thompson

Business Owner, Daisy Blue Naturals

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my company Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation by providing a Basic Life Support certification class for myself and staff. The instructor Tim H. was awesome and very knowledgeable. He had real experience as he also is a Police Officer. Brad was able to get a private class for training very fast and prompt.
I highly recommend them. Excellent professional services with meeting our needs and expectations!
Victoria McGill

Business Owner, Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation

Business News & Resources

Finding chemical hazard information Let's talk about where an SDS, NIOSH Pocket Guide, Emergency Response Guidebook, and the WISER app all have a role in finding chemical hazards. They all have their place and limitations. When you work with chemicals, it is...

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Summary of some common easy to fix issues from 5 of the OSHA Top 10 most cited standards. OSHA’s top ten list includes the safety topics that results in many citations and injuries every year. These are the elements that OSHA is most likely to look at if they inspect your facility. We cover some of the things...

Preplan worksheet If you would like a free and easy chemical hazard preplan assessment, Provenio makes one available free for you to use! Just enter a few numbers from the SDS and it automatically converts everything for consistency! Follow...

Safety policy organization If you struggle to organize your safety and environmental documents (policies, procedures, logs, training documents, SDS, etc.), then this document is for you! It is free on Provenio’s website for you to use, and I...

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Codes and regulations that apply to you in safety If you are responsible for safety in your company, it is not just OSHA that you should be aware of. NFPA, ANSI, and other regulations play a role, as well. In many instances, OSHA will refer to building codes that are...

How does a strong safety program make your business more competitive?

Let's talk about your company's safety program as a business function and a few things that can leverage your safety program to make you competitive, recruit and retain employees, and attract clients.

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