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Is your OSHA compliance training boring and wordy?

What makes Provenio different?

We are experts at what we do and bring our years of experience as safety professionals and first responders to our organization! We have white collar skills, but are blue collar folks who enjoy helping others, love what we do, and enjoy integrating our skills into businesses. So whether you need OSHA or HAZWOPER training, policy/procedure development, auditing, or custom consulting, we’re here to help you! Contact us!

What is provenio's process?
  1. Determine your needs by listening to you.
  2. Proposal is provided that breaks down the job to fit your needs
  3. Based on your needs, we’ll deliver the best trainer, the best services, the best product to your business. If you requested training, you’ll get a training summary and PDF of the PowerPoint for your records, along with any other documentations based on the type of training. If you had policies and procedures developed, we give you both Word and PDF documents so you can modify them as needed. We don’t believe Provenio owns the policies. You paid for them, so you own them!
How can Provenio help my company?

No other business is identical to yours. So nobody has needs quite like yours. We don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions, but carefully tailor each training, each document, each audit to fit your needs.

Why do I need Provenio's services?

Every 7-seconds, a worker is injured on the job, for total of 2.8 million non-fatal injuries in 2018, and 5,250 fatalities. In addition to the impact on the workers and their families, these incidents cost employers almost $200 billion. Let us help you not be a statistic! Keeping up with the changes in OSHA compliance can take more time than you have. Let our experts help with training and make sure all the information is correct.

People We’ve Worked With

“It’s comforting to have someone with such knowledge in your corner.”

Mellisa T., Aspiring entrepreneur

I took Brad’s starting a business class at Albert Lea Community Ed! I highly recommend this class if you’ve ever even thought about starting a business! Very knowledgeable, got some great connections and learned a lot, great class! Just do it!

Kelli Holst

Business Owner, All About the Cupcakes

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my business, Daisy Blue Naturals, transition safely into making sanitizers. We needed to have proper grounding in place for the flammable ethyl and isopropyl alcohols, which he did for us. He went above and beyond helping me get our 300 gallon tote set up for use. We also needed SDS (safety data sheets) created for our hand sanitizers, and Brad completed those as well! He is very professional, quick, affordable and easy to work with. Not knowing what would be needed to store and use a flammable in our business could have been scary, but working with Brad eased our minds knowing that we were doing what we needed to do to be safe, legal, and covered!

Jena Thompson

Business Owner, Daisy Blue Naturals

Brad with Provenio Consulting helped my company Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation by providing a Basic Life Support certification class for myself and staff. The instructor Tim H. was awesome and very knowledgeable. He had real experience as he also is a Police Officer. Brad was able to get a private class for training very fast and prompt.
I highly recommend them. Excellent professional services with meeting our needs and expectations!
Victoria McGill

Business Owner, Allied Health Care Professional Service Corporation

Business News & Resources

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The explosion in Beirut was tragic, but not unprecedented. The U.S. has had comparable explosions and ammonium nitrate is very common. Join me as we talk about how you can find out what's in your neighborhood, how companies report similar hazardous materials, and how...

Respirator Fit Test (Video)

Let's talk briefly about respirator fit testing and what is required. Here I show a Bitrix qualitative fit test that is the preferred method for qualitative fit testing, particularly for N95 and half-mask respirators. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXsaJiJPyR8

Respirators for COVID-19 (Video)

We discuss respirators for Covid-19, requirements, and considerations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZGZjFPP2xk


Let's talk about hazardous waste operations and emergency response, or HAZWOPER. We discuss OSHA 1910.120 and NFPA 472, what training entails and different levels of training (awareness, operations, technician, and specialist), who can train, and what kinds of...

Safety Job Titles (Video)

Is your business looking to add a safety and/or environmental professional or are you looking to get into the safety industry? Here I briefly talk about the different roles and titles, such as the meaning of EHS, coordinator, director, manager, etc....

Information about atmospheric monitors (Video)

Here we discuss atmospheric monitors, why we monitor the four gases we do, how to read them, and calibrations! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wat76zb3dO4&feature=emb_title

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Does your business have a business continuity plan? Join me here as we discuss what a good plan is and why you need one. These plans are imperative when disaster strikes and can mean the difference between surviving a disaster and going bankrupt....

Wearing a Mask (Video)

How to properly wear a dust or N95 mask to prevent cross-contamination or a false sense of security during a virus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10x7WasGANI&feature=emb_title

What’s your workplace violence prevention policy?

Does your business have a workplace violence policy and train in the event that something should happen? Or better yet, train to prevent it from happening in the first place? That’s right, there are ways you can train to prevent many of these situations from happening...

Don’t confuse tags as “tagout”​ when used on locks!

While used almost interchangeably, lockout and tagout are two different things. They are both designed to ensure equipment is kept deenergized while being serviced, but they are two different tactics. And this can cause confusion, even among safety professionals....

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