First aid and CPR instructor Tim Harves and I discuss OSHA’s requirements for a trained first response team, some considerations and legal requirements, equipment you should have, training, and other aspects of having a team in place. Many employers are required under 1910.151 to have a team in place, and they consider 3-4 minutes to be the acceptable response time, so if you are more than 4 minutes from medical services, you should have a trained team in place with adequate supplies. When determining if an emergency response team is right for your facility, consider the response from your local EMS system. They may be occupied with other calls, prevented from fast response due to traffic and trains, or otherwise unable to get to your facility in time to save a life.

We break down some of the supplies you should have in your first aid kit, and what kinds of training would be most applicable to different industries. For example, while a tourniquet might not be necessary in an office space, it should be part of every first aid kit in heavy industry where the risk for accidents that cause severe bleeding are more likely to occur.

Join us as we talk about what that entails! Would your team be able to save a life if emergency medical services were unable to arrive quickly?