Join us for some humorous safety training to show what Provenio teaches set as a medley/safety training/fashion show/business presentation! The Ransomware Blaster Tony Chiappetta 🕺 and Home Style Master April Goodman💃 were saving some lives with CPR! Salesmaster Aaron Johnson🦸‍♂️ was all about the base🎸, getting it neutralized with acid while doing double duty in some Hazmat Tech gear! Glen McKluskey 👷was a hardworking man putting his legal mastery to use knowing he needed to lockout his machinery and manage the risk while protecting businesses and livelihoods, and looking pretty jazzy in the process! Roofing Machine Shane Setzer, Railyard Gymnast and Health Guru CC Clark, and the daring Videographer Jerome Serra all decked out in personal fall protection to get the jobs done! 🧗 Safety doesn’t have to be boring! Contact us today! [email protected] (507)369-6050