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The Intersection of Manufacturing, Safety, and HR – A Podcast by ProjectHR Featuring Brad Kramer

Brad Kramer was a recent guest on the ProjectHR podcast, sharing his knowledge about leadership and safety in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry is filled with specific rules and regulations to keep employees safe. However, making sure everyone...


What Are Worker’s Safety Rights?

Do you know your rights as an employee? Do you know how to exercise those rights? Does your spouse or child have a job that you feel puts them in unnecessary danger? Many employers continue to put their workers unnecessarily in danger’s way. So, it is to those workers...

What the Health in “Health and Safety” Means for Business

When people think of safety, we usually think of preventing the big "accidents"...fingers in machinery, falls from ladders, fires, and explosions. Safety is not just preventing accidents, though!  Our field is called occupational health & safety (OHS) for a...

Provenio Consulting is in the Spotlight

In a recent interview, Brad talked about Provenio Consulting and some of the programs that we provide. We are grateful to be featured, and we would like to invite you to see our feature. Check out the article on the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

PPE Eye Protection

 Eye protection is a vital piece of personal protection equipment. While many think eye protection is just for the job site, there are many tasks around the home that get overlooked or become an accepted risk such as using a weed whip around the yard.  On the job eye...

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Brad Kramer, our principal safety consultant, has been featured in various publications. View his articles for Firehouse  and Safety & Health below.



Addressing Volunteer Decline Through Consulting.

Safety & Health

My Story: Readers share how they got into the EHS field.